I have never liked the feel of makeup. As I got older, I have stopped wearing it entirely except for on special occasions. However, without makeup, I felt as though there was nothing to protect the skin on my face.

I began searching for all-natural products that were affordable and high quality. I quickly realized that this simply didn’t exist. Every natural product I came across – especially those that had great reviews – was extremely expensive! Like most women, I don’t want my skin care routine to break the bank, but I still want products that perform. I started doing my own research on oils, essential oils, and natural ingredients that would allow me to give my skin what it needed – but without all the extra ingredients and huge price tag!

I created blends for deodorants, lotions, face creams, and sunscreens and have been using them for years. As my skin began improving, my family and friends began asking me to provide them with my products. That’s when I realized how much I enjoy making these high-quality, simple, cruelty-free products. I also began realizing that there is a need for such affordable, healthy skin care items. Hence, Some Essentials was born as my very own all-natural skin care brand.

Hopefully you enjoy the product as much as everyone else who uses it.

God Bless!