$ 12.99

Want a great all natural deodorant but don't want to apply with your fingers? Here you go....

All Natural deodorant that can be used for your entire body. No baking soda so it has less chance of irritation.  Instead, clay is used to help draw out impurities and oils. 


2.65 oz. twist up container

Ingredients: Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Bentonite Clay, Arrowroot, Beeswax and Essential Oils including Tea Tree, Rosemary and Lavender.


A few things to note about natural deodorant - the biggest one is the detox period.  If you have never used a natural deodorant before you can go through a few days to a few weeks of detox.  With this time period you may notice you sweat a little more and you might smell more and have to reapply for more often.  After a few weeks (if you can stick it out it is worth it!!) you will see what a natural deodorant is all about.  Because this is natural it is not intended nor does it stop you from sweating, sweating is natural for your body and important. 





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Deodorant Twist up $ 12.99

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