Natural Deodorants

Stephanie Vasquez

I have seen quite a bit recently on natural deodorants.  PiperWai did an amazing job on shark tank and received funding to help take the natural deodorant market by storm. I have seen comments and reviews of all sorts and I wanted to take a moment to clarify a few things about natural deodorants.  Natural deodorants are not harsh chemicals and although natural is amazing, it isn't a 100% perfect (please don't hate me for saying that!). 

1) Smell: There is a natural detox period you go through when you switch from regular (not natural) deodorants to a natural one.  It is different for everyone.  Some individuals find that after a few days they are great with a natural deodorant and can just apply once a day, while others find that they always have to reapply every few hours.  Basically, natural deodorant is a choice.  If you choose to commit you may have to just get used to how your body reacts.  If you decide it isn't for you, then that is fine as well.

2) Sweating:  Natural deodorants (at least I know for sure mine isn't) usually aren't made to stop the sweating process.  Sweating is natural and your body needs to do it to stay healthy, so most natural deodorants will not solve this issue.  And if you are switching from an anti-antiperspirant deodorant (which is designed to stop the sweating process) you will most likely notice that now you are starting to sweat.  Again, its a choice. 

Hopefully this helps answers a few questions about natural deodorants.

Have a blessed and amazing day!

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