So sometimes its the soap??

Stephanie Vasquez

This is my theory......because I have tested it out on myself.  I use an all natural soap and LOVE it (Thank you to the wonderful ladies at The Rustic Bar).  However, I have noticed depending on what scent of soap I use makes a difference on how well my deodorant works.  Maybe it is a reaction with my own body and chemical make up or a reaction because the oils in the soap and deodorant.  That I don't know....but what I do know is the scent of the soap makes a huge difference.

I have used a Lavender Patchouli soap and an Eucalyptus soap and love it! Either one works well with my deodorant too. I am smelling awesome all day long if I do say so myself! 

However, in using the blend of Cedar, Sage and Lavender I smell musty about an hour in.  What gives?? I haven't used cedar and sage in anything I personally make but doing a little research and I see they can both be used to combat odor but for me....I am thinking not.  Interesting....just a little item I thought I would share. 

Natural deodorant and natural products can be a bit of trial and error to find what works best for you....because unfortunately there is not going to be that ONE item that works for all.  Just won't happen.  So next time you try a natural deodorant and it doesn't seem to work....maybe experiment with your soap as well.

Blessed be!

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