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At Some Essentials, our primary focus is on the quality of our ingredients. We have several amazing bulk suppliers that manufacture and / or distribute the oils and butters that we purchase. We have spent countless hours testing these ingredients to find those that meet our high standards and expectations.

We keep it simple. You won’t find anything added to our products that doesn't need to be included. That is part of the reason we do not use Vitamin C (listed as L-ascorbic acid on labels). While Vitamin C does help add shelf life to a product, it can also be harsh and irritating to your skin. We constantly make small batches of our products to keep up with our sales, which means you won’t receive a product that has been sitting around. However, please keep in mind that our products are all-natural, which means they need to be used about 6 months after you receive them.

Most of the essential oils we use are steam distilled, but others are processed via different methods. For example, the grape seed oil is solvent extracted; the Kokum butter is expeller pressed, refined and from the Garcina tree; and the almond oil is cold pressed.

You may wonder if our ingredients are organic.  At this time, our products aren’t certified organic. This is because we've done our research and found multiple studies that show essential oils are actually better when they are not organic. This may come as a surprise to some, but to put it simply, these scientists argue that organic plants are too "happy" and are not as effective as non-organic (or "stressed out") plants. Trust us - we love happy plants! However, we want to make sure we are providing you with the best, most effective possible products so that you can be happy!