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Article: Essential oils in a nasal rinse? Yes please!

Essential oils in a nasal rinse? Yes please!

First off, I am not a doctor nor have I run this wonderful rinse by him. I personally have used it  and I am fine with any risk if there is any. 

Basically I am one of those lucky (unlucky) people that get sinus infections pretty easily if I catch a cold. I found a great item about 6 or 7 years ago called a Neti pot and I LOVE it!  And me being me, I started making my own saline solution to use with the Neti pot.  It has worked wonders but I have found over the last two years it hasn’t helped me as much preventing sinus infections.  Maybe I am just getting old, not quite sure. I have done some research on essential oils since I am a fan of them and have them in the house for the product I make.  After some studying I devised a saline rinse that works for me.  Here it is!

1 cup of water (use drinking water never just tap water)

¼ teaspoon of Salt

Pinch of baking soda (it takes the bite out of the saline sting)

3 drops of lavender

2 drops of rosemary

4 drops of tea tree

4 drops of eucalyptus

I put it in the microwave for not quite 30 secs, most people like it room temperature but I like it just a bit warmer (test it – you don’t want it hot), it seems to be more soothing and less stingy.  That is it. I use half the solution for one side of my sinuses using the Neti pot and the other half for the other side. 

Happy rinsing!!

Blessed be!


Hey there Emily Jolliffe,
Yes I have done that before. But I usually boil and make sure the container is really clean. And then I tend to replace often. Right now I use a netty pot and that is glass so I feel more confident that I get it clean.

Some Essentials

Hey can you put this into a reusable nasal spray and use it that way?

Emily Jolliffe

Konna – Hi there! I only use this rinse when I am sick and either have an infection or trying to prevent one. I do however just use a plain saline solution when I feel I need it.

Some Essentials

Hey there Liz – thanks for your suggestion. I have never had a issue with reverse osmosis (our drinking water), heating it up and using.

Some Essentials

Never use just drinking water! Distilled,purified or boiled water.


How often do you use this rinse? Only when you have an infection or every day? Thanks!


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