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Article: All about that scent - no smell!

essential oils

All about that scent - no smell!

Natural deodorant is all the rage and as it should be, right?  If you can accomplish what you need without all the chemicals and toxic stuff, I am all in!  You read a lot about natural deodorants that work or don't work.  This is just my personal opinion - they WORK! HOWEVER - it is all about the blend of essential oils for YOUR body.  I do not believe in a one stop shop! I think some might get lucky by tossing in a big mix of essentials oils as well as the kitchen sink and hope something in there works for ya. But there are probably  many ingredients in there you don't need.  Our motto is keep it simple, high quality, natural, and AFFORDABLE!

Currently we have three blends and as we do more research we may have more.  But these basics work well it is just seeing which one works for you. We have a tea tree and lavender one and we have tea tree, lavender, rosemary, and eucalyptus.  Lastly we have a blend of cypress, cedar wood, and eucalyptus.  Originally the last one was developed more for maybe the male gender - something that didn't have lavender.  I have actually found that is THE BEST deodorant for me!  The tea tree and lavender is great but honestly only works about 80% of the time for me.  So essentially there were days I needed to reapply.  In using the Cypress, cedar wood and eucalyptus deodorant it works 99% of the time.  (keep in mind I never rate anything perfect!).  So if you don't think they work - you may just haven't found your blend of oils yet.  Keep trying!!

If you are interesting in trying ours we have a sample pack for only $3.  You can make a note in the order and we will make sure we include at least two different deodorants so you can judge for yourself. 

See you later smell!

Have a blessed day!



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