Bug bites???

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Bug bites are inevitable.  As much as we try to ward them off with oils and sprays they sometimes sneak in when you least expect it! Like when you are sleeping at night. I have yet to figure out where the mosquitoes come in from but every now and then I am doomed. 

This time unfortunately it was my daughter.  She is like me! We don’t get just one, no of course not! We get like 10 of them, and they swell! Maybe we have a bit of an allergy, I have never had it checked out.  So, what do you do when you get them?  I found a great little mask that works wonders.  (Next time I need to take some before and after pictures.)  The mask is a simple blend of bentonite clay and almond oil to make it a paste.  I put the paste on her bites, she slipped on her PJ’s and went to sleep.  It not only helped with the itching but it also took down the swelling.  The next morning they had shrunk significantly. And by the second morning some were almost all gone.  Hmmm who would have thought? So, next time you get bit – just make a clay paste! 

Have a blessed day!!

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Awesome!! Needed this about 3 weeks ago ?

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