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  • All natural soap

    All natural soap

    All Natural Soap with basic clean moisturizes ingredients. Blend of Olive oil, Coconut oil, Caster oil and essential oils. from
  • Deodorant


    Vegan Friendly - Bentonite Clay binds and draws away toxins while essential oils help combat smell leaving arrowroot to absorb moisture
  • Lotion Bar with Tin

    Lotion Bar with Tin

    Lotion bars are great! Once you have the tin, just buy the refill! from
  • Mask


    Vegan Friendly! Who doesn't want soft smooth skin?
  • Natural Zinc Lotion

    Natural Zinc Lotion

    All Natural Non Toxic Sunscreen with Beeswax for water and sweat resistance. Use it for beach, pool or just being outdoors. Either Lavender or Unscented.