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These amazing Masks are Vegan Friendly and all natural. You can use them on your face, hands, body...wherever!

We have a Green tea mask perfect for any type of skin but if you are looking for something to help with acne and evening out skin tone you may want to go for the Chamomile mask.

These masks are made with Bentonite clay to help clean skin and pores and leave your skin feeling smooth.  Each jar contains about 10-15 face masks depending on how much you use. Just scope out some powder and blend with some water,  Rub on and let sit for about 15 to 20 minutes.  Then rinse with some warm water. 

Keep in mind as with all masks they can be a bit messy.  Keep in mind where and when you want to apply.  We find that in the morning before you step into a shower is perfect! Then you have warm water to remove the mask.

These masks are all natural and made with real herbs so be careful of staining.  We have not had an issue with throwing the wash cloth into the wash after but just keep in mind you may want to dedicated a washcloth that is just for you! After all you are worth it :) 

2oz glass jar

Green Tea Mask - Bentonite Clay, Green Tea, Paprika, and Rosemary

Chamomile Mask- Bentonie Clay, Chamomile, Witch Hazel, Tumeric, and Dandelion root.







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