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Article: Fall favorites for moisturized skin....

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Fall favorites for moisturized skin....

The body oil and the eye cream repair are two of my favorites as we head into fall / winter.  I am not sure about you but my skin gets really dry.  I went to the dermatologist about 8 years ago because I had these red welts on my legs (attractive? not so much!) and he said it was just really dry skin.  He gave me a cream which I used some but started figuring out the best way to prevent my skin from being dry in the first place.

If you ask anyone who knows me they will tell you I drink mass amounts of water each day, I can’t help it I love water! So I needed options to put on my skin to help with the dryness.  I use body oil after a shower year round but in the summer time I dry off then apply it.  In the winter time I apply to damp skin for the best impact.  This body oil is mostly grape seed oil but has some almond oil and then pure essential oils (lavender or rosemary) or fragrance oil ( warm vanilla sugar or vanilla).  I personally use the Rosemary because I like using essential oils and I do put it on my face as well. I have found that grape seed oil is amazing as it absorbs into the skin and leaves less oil residue and feel. So it makes it perfect in getting dressed and not transferring oils to your clothes.  Plus your skin will love it!

The eye cream is super amazing.  It is similar face cream but the extra blend of essential oils makes is smooth and velvety.  I use it on my face and blend into my neck, hands, feet, and elbows!

body oil pic


Lastly on my list for keeping the dryness away is the lotion bar. If you haven’t tried it, it is a must.  A little goes a long way and it absorbs in and works so much better than the bottle lotion that absorbs in but does nothing. (at least for me it doesn’t).  I also like how you can use the whole thing and you don’t leave a bunch in the bottom of the bottle! You can buy the lotion bar on it’s own and store it how you like, or  you can buy it in the tin for easy carrying.

lotion bar

What works for your skin when the weather turns dry?

Have a blessed day!

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