Is your deordorant natural or not?

Stephanie Vasquez

We have all heard about natural versus "regular" deodorant.  Time published a great article on 5 harmful items in your deodorant that you may or may not know about. 

I have been looking for natural alternatives in my deodorant and skin care for years now and I always struggled finding something that was truly all natural, simple, effective, and affordable!  I couldn't find it, so I started creating my own deodorant and lotion for myself and that is Some Essentials - because you always need some essentials in your life, right??

Do you have a favorite all natural deodorant that you love? or do you make your own? Or are you not ready to jump on the all natural deodorant ban wagon?  I have to admit the detox period is not so fun....but overall it was worth it for me. 

Have a blessed day!!

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